Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery: Why You May Need It

No one wants to go through their life with constant nagging pain or recurring health problems.

But while it’s often possible to identify why certain ailments are occurring within your body, it is incredibly tricky to pinpoint what’s going on inside your mouth.

Even if you practice great hygiene on a regular basis and visit your dentist routinely, sometimes things will still go amiss.

You may find yourself lying awake at night holding your jaw because of excruciating pain or racking your brain for the root cause of an unknown, seemingly unrelated issue.

Or maybe your smile just isn’t as bright and welcoming as you wish it were, and it’s causing your confidence to plummet.

When any of these trends appear in your life, it may be time to visit your trusted oral surgeon.

But What Exactly Is Oral Surgery?

It can be tough to put a finger on what the exact role of an oral surgeon is within the medical community.

That’s largely because people are referred to or choose to visit oral surgeons for a vast array of reasons.

Dental health is a key component to overall health, but in certain situations a regular dentist can no longer solve the problems you’re having on their own.

That’s where an oral surgeon specialist steps in and takes over.

Oral surgery is a branch of medical practice that focuses on the surgical treatment of issues of the jaw, mouth, and even connecting facial structures.

Most commonly, people visit an oral surgeon to get their wisdom teeth removed in their late teens, but these medical professionals do so much more than just wisdom teeth procedures.

Benefits of Oral Surgery

Here are a few reasons for and benefits of oral surgery:
Address Oral Infections

  • Infection in the root of the tooth. While some dentists will perform root canal therapy themselves, oral surgeons can also remove the tip of the root through apicoectomy.

Fix Missing Teeth

  • Missing teeth. Whether you have gaps in your teeth naturally or you’ve lost teeth from decay, oral surgeons can complete procedures such as dental implants to give you your smile back.

Fix Jaw Bone

  • Inadequate jaw bone mass. If the jaw bone itself isn’t big or strong enough to hold implants or withstand another medical procedure, oral surgeons can construct bone grafts to remedy the issues.

Fix Jaw Disorder

  • Temporomandibular Joint Disorder. TMJ can stem from issues of bite alignment, so in some cases oral surgeons can perform corrective jaw surgery so the top and lower jaws align correctly and pain from TMJ will be alleviated.

Facial Reconstruction

  • Trauma to the face. If an accident occurs and you are in need of facial reconstructive surgery, your oral surgeon is the person to call.

As you can see, oral surgery encompasses a broad range of medical procedures and provides the solution for issues ranging from frustrating minor pain to serious life-threatening medical issues. 

Is Oral Surgery Safe

There are dozens of reasons to consider oral surgery, and even more statistical evidence to back up the success of the common procedures you may be considering.

For example, an extensive study completed in 2012 showed that there is no statistically significant difference between the success rate of tooth implants in natural bone versus implants placed in bone grafts.

That means that the common procedure of bone grafting is incredibly effective over a long-term period and is holding its own alongside the work performed on traditional jaw bone.

And while there are many reasons someone may choose to visit another type of medical professional, such as an orthodontist, for certain issues it is paramount to visit an oral surgeon first.

Orthodontists perform important work in realigning teeth for both aesthetic and functional reasons, but often more severe medical issues are remedied in the oral surgeon’s office.

Get Your Life Back on Track

Oral surgery can be daunting, but with the right team the procedures can me essentially painless and take place without drastically interrupting your life.

And the results of these procedures, whether come common or intricate, give relief and peace of mind for decades ahead.

Patients who undergo wisdom teeth removal surgery can completely heal within weeks and put the extreme jaw pain and related migraine headaches behind them.

People who have always felt insecure about the gap from a missing tooth can, sometimes in one appointment, get a new tooth implanted and feel free to smile again.

Quality of life is incredibly important and choosing oral surgery for necessary procedures is a big step towards a happier life.

What to Watch Out For

While the majority of oral surgeons you will encounter are highly-skilled, well-educated professionals, it is incredibly important to know the signs of an unqualified surgeon before you choose to have them perform important surgical procedures for you.

Check the oral surgeon’s credentials before booking an appointment.

Call the office and ask if the surgeon has specialized training or extensive experience with the specific procedure you need.

When did the doctor last seek out continued education? Are they certified by The American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery?

Asking these questions and others like them can ensure you’re getting the very best medical care and will be on the road to recovery quickly.

What’s Holding You Back?

Medical procedures can be scary, especially when they take place in your mouth.

But when you compare the momentary discomfort of a safe, proven procedure to the excessive pain, frustration, and shame that accompanies dental issues, choosing oral surgery is hardly a question.

With a talented, compassionate team of professionals–like the skilled partners at Dental Smiles Unlimited–it is easy to get the care you need on your schedule and get your life back on track.

How to Get Started 

Oral surgery encompasses a large variety of procedures that can remedy a laundry list of conditions of the mouth, jaw, and facial structures.

Oral surgery success rates are high, regardless of the extent of the oral surgery needed.

You do not need to go through life in pain, and oral surgery is an excellent option to reclaim your life and your smile.

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