Emergencies are scheduled promptly to be seen the same day, whenever possible. If you have an emergency, please call the office at so that we may accommodate you.
For after hours emergencies please call, (917) 962-0256. We are always available via cell phone, after hours, for emergencies.

Knowing what steps to take during a dental emergency can make a difference between losing and keeping a tooth. However, the first step is always to remain calm. The following are some suggestions for treating dental emergencies.

Knocked-out tooth

If a permanent tooth has been knocked out, it can be replaced. First, it needs to be cleaned by holding it by the crown under running water and replacing it in the socket. (The sooner this is done, the better, since the tissues that attach teeth to bone dry out and die over time. If the tooth is replaced within 30 minutes, it has a high chance of reattaching itself). Once the tooth is back in the socket, the child should bite down normally to ensure proper positioning. Call us immediately after this is done. If the tooth cannot be replaced immediately, it should be placed in milk. If milk isn’t available, store it in the child’s mouth between their cheek and teeth. Your child should see us as soon as possible so we can complete treatment.

Broken tooth

Clean the mouth by gently rinsing with warm water. Apply a cold compress to reduce swelling. Call us immediately.

Bitten lip/tongue

Clean any blood off the area with a damp cloth. Apply a cold compress to reduce swelling and apply pressure to reduce bleeding. If bleeding continues, go to the nearest hospital.

We are available for you any time.
If you have an emergency outside of office hours, call (917) 962-0256.